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How Can BASSET On The Fly Get Your Bar or Restaurant Ready for Spring Break?

March 6, 2023
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Thousands of people celebrate spring break every year. This annual pilgrimage to fun destinations can lead to an influx of patrons in bars and restaurants, not only during the day but also late into the night.

As a bar owner, ensuring that your establishment complies with all applicable laws and regulations during this busy season is important. That’s why having an up-to-date BASSET certification is so important. Let’s take a closer look at how BASSET certification can help keep your bar safe during spring break.


A Safer Establishment is a Trusted One

When you have staff members who are properly trained in responsible alcohol service through BASSET certification, it helps ensure that your bar meets all local safety regulations while helping keep your customers safe too.

That’s especially important during peak periods like spring break when your bar may be filled with unfamiliar visitors who just want to find a safe place to enjoy their spring break celebrations. With proper training and certification in place, your bar will quickly gain a reputation as one that puts its customers first and should be a “first stop” on anyone’s bar crawl.


Reduced Legal Liability

Having staff members who are certified in responsible alcohol service helps protect both you and your patrons from potential legal liabilities resulting from overserving or other irresponsible practices related to serving alcohol.

The Dram Shop Act holds your bar liable if someone drinks too much on the premises and kills/injures themselves or another person.

By ensuring that all members of your staff have the necessary training and certifications required by law, you can rest assured that your bar is following best practices both legally and ethically when it comes to selling and serving alcoholic beverages; especially during peak periods like spring break when there may be more unfamiliar visitors coming through the door than usual.


Spot Fake IDs Quickly

As bartenders, we’ve all witnessed the “McLovin” trying to use a fake ID for drinks at the bar. Unfortunately, not all fake IDs are simple to vet and just one illegal pour can lead to a lifetime of legal issues.

BASSET certification is a valuable tool to help combat the use of fake IDs. This certification helps businesses learn about the most up-to-date software and technologies to check the validity of driver’s licenses and other government-issued ID cards.

Our BASSET On The Fly course can help your bartenders identify counterfeit signatures, holographic overlays unique to Illinois licenses, special watermarks, font/color use, and more.

BASSET-certified business owners can rest easier this spring break knowing that their staff is equipped with the knowledge to protect them from potential fake ID fraudsters.

By taking a proactive approach to preventing fraud and ensuring customer safety, BASSET certification provides an invaluable layer of security for any establishment that serves alcohol this spring.


Get BASSET Certified Faster, Today!

Getting BASSET certified in Illinois isn’t just safe; it’s the law! BASSET On The Fly is the ultimate certification program that is essential for restaurant and bar owners who want to stay compliant and protect their customers, employees, and business.

Our online course is the best way to ensure that your staff is properly trained and qualified for the spring break crowds ahead. Don’t let vacationers sneak up on you. Register online today!

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