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5 Ways You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Lose Your Liquor License

June 16, 2020
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There are obvious ways that an Illinois business could lose its liquor license. From serving alcohol to a minor to continuing to serve someone who’s hit their limit, your restaurant or bar is always at risk of losing its license due to poor understanding of local laws.

With the help of BASSET On The Fly, your employees can help keep your license in good standing, by understanding even some of the most specific actions that could get your establishment in some hot water.


Allowing Guests to Drink Where They Can’t

Your liquor license dictates where your guests are legally able to consume their drinks. While it’s perfectly legal to serve and allow customers to enjoy drinks inside of your licensed location, areas like an outdoor patio or sidewalk could pose some legal problems. Unless your license specifically states that alcohol can be consumed in these areas your ability to serve could be lost because you’ve essentially broken the law.


Third-Party Liability

If a drunk person leaves your place and causes a drunk driving accident, your bar can be on the line for their actions. Not only does your third-party liability put you at risk of losing your license, but you are also legally and financially responsible for any damages that were incurred after a patron left your bar.


Failure to Report Illegal Incidents

Even if you aren’t aware that illegal activity like a drug deal or gambling has occurred at your location if the authorities can trace back something fishy to you, it’s your license on the line. Our suggestion is to beef up your security during busier hours or holiday events to ensure that anything illegal can be broken up before it becomes your problem.


Your Permit Owner Gets in Trouble

If the permit owner of your alcohol license is convicted of a felony, they will lose your license. Even if the felony isn’t related to your business a conviction will have a very negative impact on your business.


Letting the Wrong Employees Serve

In Illinois, it’s now mandatory for BASSET training based on the county in which your business is located. If your location is in an area where BASSET training is a requirement and you don’t have someone on the job with a certification, get them certified or say goodbye to your license.


Keep Your Liquor License Secure With BASSET On The Fly

Don’t lose your establishment’s liquor license to a devastating mistake. Stay current with Illinois liquor laws with the help of BASSET On The Fly. Our online course is affordable and allows you to work at your own pace from the comfort of your home. Get certified with us and keep business running well in 2020! Register today!

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