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Spotting a Fake ID When Bars and Restaurants Open Back Up

May 28, 2020

Illinois bars and restaurants may still be closed for dine-in, but we all know that these mandates won’t last forever. As your establishment practices curbside pickup or simply prepare for the inevitable reopening, we think now is a great time to start refreshing your mind of the essentials of legal alcohol sales practices in Illinois. Also, if your on premise or off premise BASSET certification is expired or nearing expiration, this is the time to renew it.


Are Fake IDs a Big Deal in Illinois?

Many young people who procure false identification do so under the pretense that if they get caught, it’s no big deal. However, the truth is far from In the state of Illinois, if someone is found to have a fake ID, they could be convicted of a Class 4 Felony and face a few years of jail time.

Catching these phonies is essential on your behalf, because not only is it illegal to sell alcohol to a minor, but under the Dram Shop Act, you would also be the responsible party if the inebriated minor left your establishment and committed an offense while under the influence.


Spotting a Fake ID

Trust us, once the reopening of dine-in comes, there will be customers chomping at the bit for a mixed cocktail or two. Make sure that nothing fraudulent gets by your staff with these simple tips for spotting a fake ID at your place of business.


Check the Rigidity of the ID

A government-issued ID is going to have a specific heft and bend to it. If you suspect that someone has approached your bar with a fake ID, one of the easiest ways to come to the right conclusion is to give it a bend.

Compare this identification card with your own license. Does it have the same feel to it when you bend it? If not, you may have a fake on your hands.


Feel Around the Perimeter of the Card

Even something as simple as touch can help you decipher a fake ID. Bumps and subtle felt irregularities can be a sure sign of a fake. Another quick way to determine the legitimacy of an identification is feeling the corners of the card. If they’re curved, the likelihood is higher you have a legitimate ID in your hand. Sharply edged corners would easily indicate this is not the case.


Be Knowledgeable of State ID Details

Every state has their own watermark or font that they use on a driver’s license. We suggest getting comfortable with yours so that even a quick turn of the card can give you all of the visual cues you need to either let someone have their drink or alert the authorities.


Become a Fake ID Eagle Eye with the Help of BASSET On The Fly

At BASSET On The Fly, we aim to help you keep your employee’s BASSET certification up to date. Our online course makes qualifying for a certification a simple and affordable task. If you know that your staff needs to renew its certification or you plan on hiring new employees when the time comes to reopen, keep BASSET On The Fly in mind for a certification course that gives your establishment the knowledge it needs.

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