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What Is BASSET Alcohol Training, Anyway?

February 23, 2024
Glass of alcohol with ice at a bar

Picture this: You’re behind the bar, the music’s humming, and a group of thirsty patrons awaits. It’s Illinois, after all, and spirits are high. But then, the order for a double-aged bourbon on the rocks comes in from a guest presenting a slightly sketchy ID.

Been there? Don’t sweat it, friend. That’s where BASSET alcohol training comes in, your trusty Sherpa to navigate the ever-evolving alcohol service landscape in Illinois. Forget fumbling for facts and second-guessing your responsibilities. With BASSET, you’ll be slinging drinks like a seasoned server, knowing exactly when to shake up the right drink to the right guest, at no risk to you or your employer’s reputation.

But what exactly will you learn in BASSET alcohol training? Buckle up, because here’s the juicy stuff:


Illinois BASSET 101

Demystify the Illinois Liquor Control Commission like a seasoned lawyer with BASSET alcohol training. Learn the laws that govern alcohol sales and service, from identifying minors to spotting intoxication before it turns into a saloon showdown. You’ll be a walking encyclopedia of legalities, ensuring your establishment stays squeaky clean (and avoids hefty fines).


Customer Care

It’s not just about pouring, it’s about creating experiences. BASSET teaches you the art of hospitality your customers will appreciate. From customer service to de-escalating disorderly guests, you’ll become a master of creating memorable moments that keep them coming back for more.


Safety First (Fun Always)

We all know Illinois loves its fun, but BASSET alcohol training makes sure it’s safe fun. You’ll learn essential techniques for responsible alcohol service, like recognizing drunk patrons, preventing over-consumption, and even handling emergencies with cool-headed composure.


Get Your BASSET Card With Confidence

BASSET alcohol training prepares you for testing and receiving your official BASSET card. Our online training equips you with the knowledge and practice you need to ace it like a champion. No more in-person classes that take the entire day. Just enroll with us and get your BASSET card online at your own pace.


Serve Alcohol Safer With BASSET On The Fly

But wait, there’s more! With BASSET On The Fly, you can conquer this training at your own pace, from the comfort of your couch or while soaking up the Texas sun. No rigid schedules, just flexible online modules that fit your busy life like a well-worn pair of sneakers.

So, why wait? Enroll in BASSET alcohol training with BASSET On The Fly today and say goodbye to barroom blunders. You’ll be slinging drinks with confidence, creating unforgettable experiences for your customers, and, most importantly, keeping your customers safe and protecting you and your employer while you do it.

Remember, Illinois thrives on hospitality and knowledge. With BASSET by your side, you’ll be the server or barkeep everyone wants to know, the one who pours not just drinks but also good times. So, let’s raise a glass to becoming certified cocktail connoisseurs! Enroll today!

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