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Classroom vs. Online BASSET Certification and Benefits of BASSET On The Fly

March 9, 2020
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If you are the manager of an Illinois business that sells or serves alcoholic beverages, you always need your staff to be on their A-Game. One beer served to a minor or to an individual who’s had one too many can be enough to cause you to lose your liquor license.

Getting a BASSET certification is the key to ensuring your employees know everything they need to know about serving alcohol in your area. From off-premise to on-premise BASSET certification, we’re here to show you why it can be more beneficial for your employees to get certified through an online course from BASSET On The Fly.

You Can Schedule The Whole Crew!

When you work with BASSET On The Fly, you open the door to keeping track of employee BASSET status and being able to get your team certified when you need it. Without the online option of employer accounts, it could cost your business a good chunk of change to schedule an entire staff for in-person certification courses. However, our online option allows for prepaid codes that make signing your employees up simple and affordable.


Get BASSET Certified on Your Own Time

The biggest issue with in-person courses is the fact that you are on the instructor’s time! You have to be where they need you when they need you, and failure to attend results in no certification! The creators of BASSET On The Fly value your time and know that if you are applying for a certification, you most likely have shifts you can’t miss!

Online registration for a BASSET certification allows you to pause courses and continue where you left off. This makes the completion of your certification something that rests in your own hands and gets you certified without missing a beat.

No Course Timer, Including on the Post-Test

Testing in a classroom is a timed experience and the pressure of the clock can easily stress out anyone. No timed test should keep you from benefiting from our mission: To give you the information and knowledge you need to make informed decisions and follow the law.

Our On-Premise and Off-Premise online BASSET certification courses do not have a timer. That means you can proceed through the course material as fast or slow as you want. There is no timer prohibiting you from moving forward. There is also no timer when taking the post-test. It’s that simple.

Keep Your Business Secure with Help from BASSET On The Fly!

Don’t let a BASSET certification expire and put your business at risk. BASSET On The Fly provides a certification course that is always here to keep your staff on top! Enroll today and keep your customers safe and business compliant.


BASSET On The Fly is a leading provider of online BASSET certification for seller-servers of alcohol in Illinois, licensed by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC).

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