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Six Reasons to Get BASSET Certified in 2024

October 22, 2023
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The Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training (BASSET) program is a mandatory alcohol training course for all servers and sellers of alcohol in the state of Illinois. This means that if you are a bar owner in Illinois, it is important to ensure that all of your bartenders are BASSET certified.

Here are some of the biggest reasons why you and your team must get BASSET certified in 2024.


BASSET Certification Helps Keep Bartenders Serving Safely

BASSET certification ensures that bartenders know how to serve alcohol responsibly. Through an online course like BASSET On The Fly, they learn about the effects of alcohol on the human body, how to identify signs of intoxication, and how to deal with intoxicated customers.

Bartenders who are not BASSET certified may be less likely to notice signs of intoxication and may continue to serve alcohol to a patron who is already intoxicated, which can lead to problems like drunk driving, fights, or property damage. None of which you want on your bar’s reputation.


BASSET Certification Helps Reduce Liability for Bar Owners

Suppose a bartender who is not BASSET certified serves alcohol to a minor or an intoxicated person, and that person gets into an accident. In that case, the bar owner may be held liable. Ensuring all of your bartenders are BASSET certified can help reduce your liability of accidentally serving a minor or intoxicated individual because you’ll know exactly what to look for.


BASSET Certification is Required by the State of Illinois

All servers and sellers of alcohol in the state of Illinois must be BASSET certified. This includes bartenders, waitstaff, and anyone else who works at a bar or restaurant where alcohol is served. If you are caught serving alcohol without a BASSET certification, you may be fined or even have your establishment lose its liquor license.


BASSET Certification Shows You are Committed to Responsible Alcohol Service

When you require all of your servers to be BASSET certified, you clearly message your customers that you are committed to responsible alcohol service. This can help build trust with your customers and encourage them to patronize your establishment again in the future.


BASSET Certification can Help Increase Sales and Tips for Your Servers

Customers may be likely to order another drink and leave a larger tip if they feel confident that their server is knowledgeable about responsible alcohol service.

When you require all of your servers to be BASSET certified, you can ensure that they have the knowledge they need to provide excellent customer service and increase sales for your business.


BASSET Certification can Be an Easy and Convenient Process

Taking the BASSET certification course online is easy and convenient with BASSET On The Fly. Our online course is approved by the state of Illinois, so you can be sure that it meets all the requirements for server certification. Best of all, our course is an extremely affordable option that makes getting certified as a server a no-brainer.


Sign Up With BASSET On The Fly and Start the Path to Responsible Alcohol Service

There are many reasons to get BASSET certified, but these are six of the most important ones. If you are a bar owner in Illinois, it is crucial that you make sure all of your bartenders are BASSET certified to help keep your customers safe while they serve and to protect yourself from liability in the event that something happens.

Fortunately, getting BASSET certified is easy with BASSET On The Fly. Register for our online course today to reap the latest knowledge about Illinois alcohol laws and server best practices.

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