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5 Things That Can Cost Your Company Its Liquor License

January 20, 2022

While a BASSET card is required under Illinois law, making sure all your employees have a BASSET certification does tons of other things that benefit your business and keep you in the clear legally. Here are just a few common legal problems having a BASSET certified staff can help prevent:


Serving Drunk People

No question about it – you definitely risk losing your license if you sell or serve to someone showing signs of having had too much to drink. What’s more, your business can be held legally responsible for things an intoxicated customer does after leaving your establishment.

Of all the skills a BASSET certified seller-server needs, recognizing signs of intoxication is without doubt the most important. There’s simply no other way to avoid the danger to your business and the danger to the public at large. Every BASSET On The Fly customer is well-equipped to do this.


Serving Underaged People

It seems pretty simple – don’t sell alcohol to underage patrons. Always ask for ID, and know how to properly check an ID. And yet, many servers and sellers find themselves in hot water after serving or selling to a minor. Anyone can get absent minded or distracted at times, but getting a BASSET card from BASSET On The Fly drives home the reality that checking ID simply isn’t something you’re allowed to forget.

Some who have sold illegally did check ID, they just didn’t know how to do it correctly and how to find the tell-tale signs of a fake ID. The average person wouldn’t know how to spot a fake ID… that’s exactly what BASSET On The Fly is here to teach.


Being Drunk At Work

As a rule, anyone on the clock shouldn’t be consuming alcohol. For one thing, it’s just not a good look. More importantly, it’s very dangerous. In case of any doubt – you can’t responsibly serve and sell alcohol if you yourself have impaired judgment.


Turning A Blind Eye To Illegal Activity

A quick Google search will easily reveal numerous stories of bars and restaurants being closed due to customers’ illegal activity on the premises. Drug activity, prostitution, illegal gambling, human trafficking… they are all terrible news for all kinds of reasons, among them the welfare of your establishment. They can absolutely spell its doom.


Get Your Servers BASSET Certified With BASSET On The Fly

Getting BASSET certified has never been easier than with BASSET On The Fly! Our online course allows you and your employees to get certified fast for just $12.99. Enroll today!

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