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Keep Your Guests Safe This Holiday Season

November 20, 2020

Thanksgiving is near and it’s time to start thinking about how to keep your Illinois restaurant and bar guests safe during the major holidays on the horizon. BASSET On The Fly is an online BASSET certification course that provides seller-servers of alcohol in Illinois the certification and knowledge they need to get through this busy season.

Don’t let your patrons become another holiday statistic. Put some practices into place before the season starts, and get an Illinois BASSET certification!


Have a Ride-Share Service Available

Drunk driving is one of the biggest issues during November and December celebrations. Make sure your guests stay safe by offering them the option to call them a Lyft, Uber, or taxi service if they’ve had too much.

If they refuse the ride, check with their group that they have a designated driver available. If not, arrange their ride yourself and reassure them that their car will be ready for them in the morning when it’s safe for them to drive.


Offer Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Even designated drivers need to have options for a good time. Holiday-themed drinks you serve at your location should come with a non-alcoholic option. Remember, alcohol is only an addition to someone’s good time and not a requirement.

Remind your guests that you have non-alcoholic options available that are sure to please their taste buds while still keeping the streets safe!


Keep Track of How Many A Person Has Had

Always keep tabs on how much a person has had to drink! Measure your drinks out and track the number of drinks per person if possible. Even if you haven’t got a solid number of drinks a person has consumed, training from an accredited certification course will be able to help you know the signs of someone who’s had one too many.

If your guests are:

Then it’s time to cut them off and get that ride-share service on the line!


Create Tempting Food Options

Even if your establishment doesn’t typically have food on the menu, this is the perfect time to provide a meal option that helps the body slow down alcohol absorption. Eating after drinking doesn’t sober someone up, but having food in their system while enjoying alcoholic beverages can prove for a responsible night of drinking.


Get Your Employees Certified, Fast with BASSET On The Fly

These tips are just the base of the knowledge your employees will get through BASSET On The Fly. Our BASSET card program is 100% online, super fast, and your temporary BASSET card will be emailed to you immediately upon completion. Get your certifications today! Enroll now to get the process started.

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