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How to Stop Sexual Harassment at Your Bar or Restaurant

October 4, 2022
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Bars are a worldwide tradition that should present a safe, fun environment for people to have a drink and socialize.

Although leaving the bar with good memories is ideal, there is always the risk of sexual assault and harassment in the air as the spirits flow.

Alcohol doesn’t always result in harassment at a bar, but it’s still a catalyst that can bring out the worst in some people.

Unfortunately, harassment and assault can happen anywhere; even your bar. So, knowing the signs of a bad situation forming and how to step in can help you make your venue a safer place for men and women to enjoy themselves.

Follow our tips to help reduce the risk of assault and harassment tainting your property’s reputation.


Establish a Presence of Authority

Everyone wants to feel like they’re in a safe space. As a bartender or manager, a simple, “Let me know if you need anything” can be enough to help.

While it seems like a commonplace practice, it serves two key purposes:

  1. You’ve shown your guest you are here for them as a host, are being observant and are someone they can rely on if the night goes south.
  2. You’ve also let people with the wrong intentions that you’re monitoring the atmosphere. This could lead to someone thinking twice before acting out of hand.


The Moment You See an Issue, Step In

Sometimes, a guest won’t feel comfortable approaching you after or during an incident.

Sexual assault and harassment are extremely painful situations that you must be vigilant of.

If you see any suspicious, abusive activity going on in your bar, take the initiative, step in and separate both parties.

If the altercation has already become a full-blown problem, either call the police or signal your security to clear up the problem.

Remember, waiting to be approached may be a moment too late. Always take the initiative when you notice the following scenarios:


Keep Moving

Everyone loves a cheerful host. Most people don’t realize it, but a cheerful host can also be observant and easily check in on a suspicious situation.

As a bar manager, look for predatory behavior as you work the room. However, some predators may feel pressure to push their intentions harder if they know you’re onto them. As you casually check in, try our helpful tip.

Make eye contact with the person who looks uncomfortable in an interaction. Give them a quick nod and gauge their reaction. If they seem okay, back off and keep an eye on the situation. If they signal that there is a problem, step in and take action.


Learn the Signs of Harassment, Intoxication, Assault, and More With BASSET On The Fly

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