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New Year’s Resolutions for Keeping Your Bar a Safe Place

January 9, 2020

Alcohol may present a good time for many barhoppers, but as a bartender or manager of an establishment, it’s your responsibility to ensure that all good times remain safe. With the help of our certification course, this year, you can dedicate your annual resolutions towards focusing on what you and your staff can do to keep your place a safe one.

Try out these tips from BASSET On The Fly to ensure your 2020 is a successful one for management, employees, and guests, alike.


Train Your Staff to Recognize Inappropriate Behavior

Not everyone who goes out for a night on the town has the best intentions. Train your staff to be on the lookout for inappropriate behavior that could quickly lead to an assault case.

BASSET On The Fly can help you gain all of the information you’d need to help your employees spot an aggravating circumstance before it escalates. The faster your employees can shut down a bad situation, the better your establishment’s reputation will get as a “safe place” to unwind and enjoy some fun food and drinks.


Hire More Help for Busier Nights

Bars and clubs seem to have nights that are generally busier than others throughout the week. This year, take note of your busiest nights and holidays and then beef up your staff and security for those nights.

With more staff on-hand, your business will run smoothly on even the busiest nights. This greatly mitigates the risk of any dangerous situations that could go unnoticed if your staff was too busy trying to play catch up.


Know When to Stop Serving a Guest

Understanding when it’s time to cut someone off is essential for the safety of your environment. Even if a person swears they are “good for one more shot,” make sure your employees can read the signs of someone who’s had enough for the night.

After you’ve told them enough is enough, start to help them wind down their night with some water and using a taxi or rideshare service to ensure your guest gets home safely.


Keep Your Entire Staff BASSET Certified

In Illinois, having a BASSET card as an employee at an establishment that serves alcohol isn’t an option; it’s the law. Keeping you and your staff current with BASSET certifications will keep safety at the forefront of their minds and reduce the chance of anything problems slipping by because your staff feels too familiar with their practices.


Make Your 2020 Safer With the Help of BASSET On The Fly

Managing a bar or restaurant that holds a liquor license requires you to be on top of your employees, daily operations, and ensuring that you’re consistent with BASSET regulations. Keep your establishment ahead of the curve with the help of BASSET On The Fly.


We are an online BASSET certification course that allows your workers to stay up-to-date with their certification without the hassle of asking for time off. Enroll today and get a head start on the New Year.

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