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Benefits Of Getting Your Illinois BASSET Card Online

January 20, 2022

You’ll have to get your BASSET card one way or another. At BASSET On The Fly, we get that you’d rather get it on your own terms  – your own pace and timing. That’s why we specialize in online BASSET certification. Here are a few reasons online is a better option than in-person:


Get Trained On Your Own Schedule

In-person classes mean a set schedule for you as the student.  If you don’t show at each appointed time, you don’t get your BASSET card. Most people’s lives aren’t this inflexible, and sometimes things come up that can’t revolve around the class schedule someone else came up with for you.

If you go with an online option for your BASSET card, you can start, pause, continue whenever ready, and ultimately complete the course at your own pace. Online courses revolve around your schedule.


Be In Your Own Learning Environment

Would you prefer to complete the course in pajamas on the couch? No one’s stopping you. Online courses offer a sense of convenience and comfort that no in-person class can match.

If you need to pause to put a child to bed or take a call, no problem. Come back to the course as soon as you’re ready to concentrate again. Maybe you’re ready for a brain-break after 10 minutes. Maybe you don’t want to waste time on any breaks, but would rather progress straight through. With online certification, you do whatever works for you. You’ll still be every bit as BASSET certified when you’re done.


Save Money

Online courses are nearly always cheaper than in-person. At BASSET On The Fly, we don’t require an instructor to be present on-site for each scheduled course. This means we can offer our course for a bottom-line price of just $12.99.


Get Immediate Certification

As soon as you complete the BASSET course, you can immediately print a temporary certificate. You’ll have immediate proof that you’ve got a BASSET card, and you can take advantage of all the benefits that come with that.  Your official 3-year BASSET card will then be mailed to you by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) and you can also look it up online.


Get Certified Fast With BASSET On The Fly

Getting your BASSET certification has never been easier. When you choose BASSET On The Fly, you’ll get certified fast for only $12.99, and be armed with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions and follow the law. Enroll now!

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