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About BASSET On The Fly

June 25, 2019
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Welcome to BASSET On The Fly! We’re licensed by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission to provide both the On-Premise and Off-Premise BASSET certification courses, and we’re excited to be serving the great state of Illinois.

We’ve been providing similar online training in Texas for many years and are one of the largest providers in the state. Since 2013, TABC On The Fly has provided online TABC certification for seller-servers of alcohol in Texas, and is now one of the leading online providers. In 2017, we launched Certified On The Fly to provide the Texas Food Handler course as well.

Although we’re based in Texas, we have Illinois roots as well. I attended graduate school at the University of Illinois at Springfield.

Who are we? We’re restaurant people. My career in the restaurant business started all because I wanted to save some money for gas and insurance before getting my driver’s license. There were a handful of stores within walking distance from our house in Georgetown, Texas and one of them, a tiny family-owned Italian restaurant, just happened to be in the market for someone to wash dishes, buss tables, and clean the bathrooms. I was their guy. When I turned 16 a few months later, I landed my first serving job at a sweet 1950′s-style diner called Monument Cafe which has since been featured on the Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Needless to say, these early job decisions turned into a career.

My career as a server spanned many years, during which time I had the opportunity to oversee the private dining program at one of the most exclusive, fine-dining steakhouses in Dallas and one of the highest-grossing restaurants in the United States … All while I was still in college. The experience I gained from standing in front of and speaking to large groups of business executives, attorneys, doctors, celebrities, and professional athletes was unlike anything I could have experienced elsewhere, and it further solidified my belief that this is truly an awesome industry to be a part of.

Since then, I received my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The University of Texas at Dallas and Master of Arts in Communication from the University of Illinois at Springfield. I then became General Manager at an upscale, high-volume restaurant in Uptown Dallas. I created our first online seller-server training website, TABC On The Fly, while I was a General Manager because I knew we could make the certification process better for everyone involved, both employers and employees. We hope to do the same in Illinois.

Enroll today to get your On-Premise or Off-Premise BASSET certification fast for only $12.99!

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