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5 Ways Your Chicago Establishment Can Easily Lose Its Liquor License

June 30, 2020

The journey towards obtaining a liquor license isn’t necessarily easy. So, once you have your license in hand and your bottles ready to serve, you’ll want to make sure you or your employees are BASSET certified.

There are many ways a restaurant or bar can lose their license and get shut down in Illinois. Here are the five easiest mistakes that you’ll learn to avoid through a BASSET certification course.


Serving Alcohol to Minors

This seems like it should be a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many servers are fooled by a well-made fake ID. Serving alcohol to a minor won’t just get your establishment shut down, but it could land you behind bars.

Trust the knowledge learned from a BASSET certification course to help you identify the true details of an Illinois driver’s license and how to easily point out a phony on the spot!


Being Drunk on the Job

Being drunk at work is illegal and being a drunk server, bartender, manager, or owner is just unprofessional. Your job as a seller-server is to safely serve your patrons and gage when it’s time to cut customers off. If you’re drunk, your judgment is impaired and you could be selling drinks that put your patrons at risk.


Lack of Documentation

Anytime an ILCC or BASSET inspector comes to examine your establishment, be prepared to show them your papers. You must always have a copy of your invoices to show that will account for the alcohol that you’ve purchased and are selling. Failure to present invoices when asked of them by an ILCC or BASSET inspector could result in serious penalties for your business.


Serving Intoxicated Customers

Your restaurant could also be shut down if it’s discovered that your servers are serving intoxicated customers. This practice is against the law and puts the customer and your surrounding community at risk when it happens.

A well-organized BASSET certification course will help you identify the signs of an intoxicated person before they even approach you for a drink. Knowing the signs and refusing to sell could be the difference between life and death for that person or anyone they come in contact with after they leave your establishment.


Filling Bottles With Cheap Liquor

Filling a top-shelf bottle of alcohol with swill and selling it as the top-shelf product is one of the worst practices you could do as a server. If you get caught doing this, don’t be surprised when you’re shut down and the community fails to have your back.


Keep Your Restaurant In Business by Getting BASSET Certified, Today!

Don’t let your restaurant or bar fall victim to any mistake that could lead to a shutdown. Make sure your employees are prepared for their daily duties with a BASSET certification card from BASSET On The Fly!

We are an online course that allows your employees to get certified, while still being able to fulfill their duties on your clock! Enroll your employees today!

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